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  We bring the Designers to you!

Your home and business are unique- so it only makes sense that the arrangements you display also showcase your originality and style! Our plant experts will create a custom creation, choosing the best plants for the job.

Parkway's Seasonal Design Service brings the designers to you, creating your arrangements in the space they are going to live.

Cost: $70 labour fee plus the cost of materials for up to 4 custom containers. The cost of plant material, décor, picks and soil is not included in the base fee and will be calculated after potting is complete.

Additional Pots: Anything in addition to the four containers will incur a $20 fee per container, in addition to the initial $70 fee.

Note: We use cut greens to fill your pots. It is important that you continue to water your arrangement until the soil or floral foam freezes solid in order to maintain freshness and prevent browning of evergreen boughs. 

For more information please contact Parkway's Mobile Potting at:

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