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Plant Health Policy

At Parkway Gardens we do our best to ensure every plant we sell is healthy. We receive plants from a wide array of suppliers and upon receiving a shipment we treat and inspect all plants to prevent pests and diseases. 

Please expect natural variations and potential blemishes or brown spots. The occasional flaw is unavoidable when it comes to living things. You will not receive the exact plant that is in the photo on the website. Each order is hand picked by staff and we always do our best to select the healthiest plants for each order. If we find a plant is not healthy, it will be removed from your order and you will be notified. 

When possible, we have used photos of mature plants for perennials, trees and shrubs. This is to give customers a better idea of what their plant will look like after several years of growth. We have included the size of the pot to indicate the current size of the plant when purchased. 

All online plant sales are final. There is no warranty or guarantee on tropical or annual plants.