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Help our designers narrow in on your personal style by selecting your favourite plants and colours from our past designs! All planters are fully customizable and tailored to your aesthetics, location and plant care abilities. The plants pictured here are to show our clients what plants we commonly have available and to help get the ideas flowing. 


  • Thriller: Baby Tut papyrus, red caladium
  • Filler: Angel wing begonia, rex begonia 
  • Spiller: Lysimachia 


  • Thriller: Dark leaved canna
  • Filler: Croton, coleus, red phlox 
  • Spiller: Green sweet potato vine


  • Thriller: Yellow canna, pink calla lily  
  • Filler: Polka dot plant, trailing coleus
  • Spiller: Pink scaevola,  lysimachia 


  • Thriller: Majesty palm, canna
  • Filler: Red dipladenia, yellow lantana 
  • Spiller: White bacopa, white calibrachoa, yellow calibrachoa 


  • Thriller: Angel wing begonia, red caladium
  • Filler: Rex begonia, Kimberly queen fern
  • Spiller: White flowering euphorbia 


  • Thriller: Fuchsia standard tree 
  • Filler: Yellow tuber begonia
  • Spiller: Pink calibrachoa, purple petunia


  • Thriller: Canna, red dipladenia on a trellis
  • Filler: Croton, yellow dipladenia, orange lantana
  • Spiller: Lysimachia, orange calibrachoa  


  • Thriller: Dark green alocasia, red caladium
  • Filler: Spider plant, dracaena, plectranthus 
  • Spiller: Lysimachia 


  • Thriller: Baby Tut papyrus, yellow dahlia 
  • Filler: Pink caladium, fuchsia
  • Spiller: Lysimachia, cream petunia


  • Thriller: Green alocasia, red caladium
  • Filler: Red dipladenia, croton, yellow leaf philodendron 
  • Spiller: Lysimachia 


  • Thriller: Green alocasia, red star spike
  • Filler: Blue fescue 
  • Spiller: Purple sweet potato vine


  • Thriller: Purple colocasia, Persian shield
  • Filler: Coleus, coral bells, Kimberly queen fern
  • Spiller: N/A


  • Thriller: Red star spike, yellow dahlia, yellow canna
  • Filler: Kimberly queen fern
  • Spiller: Purple petunia, dichondra


  • Thriller: Red star spike
  • Filler: Hibiscus, yellow lantana
  • Spiller: Lysimachia, pink calibrachoa, pink and white petunia


  • Thriller: N/A
  • Filler: Black petunia, purple lobelia 
  • Spiller: Dichondra


  • Thriller: Pink cordyline 
  • Filler: White caladium. pink dipladenia
  • Spiller: Lysimachia 


  • Thriller: Snake plant, white caladium
  • Filler: Peach tuber begonia, asparagus fern
  • Spiller: Plectranthus


  • Thriller: Angel wings senecio 
  • Filler: Double pink calibrachoa
  • Spiller: Variegated sweet potato vine


  • Thriller: Red coleus, Kimberly queen fern
  • Filler: Purple phlox, spider plant
  • Spiller: Pink calibrachoa, lysimachia 


  • Thriller: Majesty palm
  • Filler: Pink tuber begonia, white phlox
  • Spiller: Lysimachia, sweet potato vine