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Erik & Birgit

Erik has worked at the family business from a young age, starting out planting pansies but quickly moving on to building greenhouses and expanding the property. In the year 2000 he and his wife officially took over the business from Erik’s parents Peter and Carina. On a daily basis Erik oversees the business and works on plans for its continued expansion and improvement while Birgit handles the finances. You are likely to see Erik maintaining bedding plants in the spring or Birgit walking their dogs Mabel and Sara around the property. Erik’s favorite plant is wisteria and Birgit’s is rose of Sharon.

Project coordinator

A Fanshawe Horticulture graduate, Nicolai is currently studying business to help run Parkway when the time comes. He has rounded out his plant knowledge as a Fanshawe student gardener and as a nursery worker at another local greenhouse. Not to mention helping out at Parkway since childhood! He is currently Parkway’s project coordinator, helping Parkway become more efficient by implementing our new point of sale and inventory system! His favorite plant is rhododendron.  

Nursery Manager

The youngest Jacobsen at Parkway, Tatiana is thriving in her new role as nursery manager. With a well rounded knowledge of plants developed while growing up in the greenhouse, she has now begun to specialize in trees and shrubs, helping customers find the perfect plants for their garden. Tatiana is eagle eyed when it comes to spotting pests and helps to keep the greenhouse free of harmful insects. With a love for the unusual, her favorite plant is the voodoo lily.



General manager and fearless leader! Lynne has worked at Parkway for 18 years but began her horticulture career working in garden centres in British Columbia. She oversees daily operations, keeps the store organized and the staff motivated. Besides keeping up with the business side of things, purchasing products and communicating with suppliers, she is always ready to help water plants, assist customers and work the cash register. She has amassed a wealth of plant knowledge and is able to offer great advice! Her favourite plants are hellebores as they are a sure sign of spring.


Diane is the succulent guru. With over 20 years of experience at Parkway alone, she’s demonstrated her skills teaching plant identification at Fanshawe College, specializing in tropical and succulent ID. Between scheduling orders of tropicals, you will find her watering and caring for plants or assisting customers. She is passionate about making sure customers bring home the right plant for them, not just what’s trending. Diane has a keen eye for design and often puts together beautiful tropical and succulent arrangements. Her favourite plants are succulents -- she can't choose just one!


With over 40 years at Parkway, Glenda is one of our most seasoned employees! With a special interest in annuals, tropicals and succulents, you will often find her stationed at the potting bench creating beautiful custom planters. Glenda has a keen eye for arranging plants to create exciting combinations for seasonal planters and tropical centerpieces. With a lifetime of horticultural experience, Glenda is also our go-to staff member when it comes to helping identify the causes of sick or struggling plants. Her favourite plant is the colourful Nanouk tradescantia. 


Another long standing member of the Parkway family, Liz has worked here for over 37 years! With a diploma in Ornamental Horticulture from the University of Guelph, she has had many roles over the decades, including head grower. Liz currently oversees plant procurement. She’s responsible for determining demand for the season and ordering in seeds, cuttings and plugs to be planted and grown at Parkway. Liz is especially knowledgeable about growing annuals and veggies. Her favourite plants are Shasta Daisies. 


Another graduate of the Fanshawe Horticulture Technician program, Dylan recently returned to Fanshawe to share his knowledge as a teacher of greenhouse management, plant science and plant propagation. At Parkway, Dylan puts his teachings into practice as head grower, responsible for planning, propagating, growing and caring for our extensive array of herbs, veggies and annuals. Dylan is always ready with expert advice! His favourite plant is lavender. 



Tamsyn embarked on her journey at Parkway in the nursery department as a student, acquiring knowledge in Nursery, Annuals, and Perennials. She is a graduate of Fanshawe College's Horticulture Technician program and boasts over 8 years of experience in customer service. Tamsyn is excited to embrace her new role as the perennial manager, where she assists customers in selecting the right plants for their spaces. In her current position, you'll often find Tamsyn tending to the perennials, answering customer inquiries, and extending a helping hand. Her favorite plant is the Double Decker Echinacea.


Our go-to staff member for tough and in depth plant questions! Mary Anne is a fount of knowledge and is always happy to share what she’s learned. She is a graduate of Fanshawe’s hort tech program and one of the first graduates of Niagara College’s Commercial Cannabis Production program. Mary Anne now teaches part time at Fanshawe College where she educates students in plant identification, helping them learn the difference between amaranthus and amaryllis! Her favourite plants are roses and she grows a wide variety in her garden.


A graduate of Fanshawe’s Horticulture program Nicole worked as a student gardener where she continued to learn while taking care of the many specimen plants at the college. At Parkway, Nicole is always ready to help out in just about every department with a special interest in perennials and tropicals. Expect to see Nicole around the greenhouse watering and caring for plants in all departments where she is ready to dispense expert advice to customers in need. Nicole’s favourite plants are philodendrons and she has collected quite a few varieties!



Hard working and knowledgeable, Melissa graduated with honors from the Horticulture program at Ridgetown, University of Guelph. An amazing woodworker, Melissa has put her skills to good use around the greenhouse. Not only a landscape designer, Melissa is not afraid to get her hands dirty, joining in with the landscape crew when needed to see projects through to the very end. Melissa loves meeting with clients to help plan their next big project and is bursting with ideas to help beautify your yard! Her favourite plant is clematis, hands down! 



Flora (grey stripes) and Fauna (black and white) are the two newest members of the Parkway family! Former barn cats, they’ve lucked out and will spend the rest of their days roaming the greenhouse and being well taken care of. They enjoy wrestling, snuggling, and testing out their climbing abilities. They are constantly doted on by greenhouse staff who have fallen in love with the new arrivals. Spunky, curious, cuddly and feisty, Flora and Fauna are our two smallest greenhouse ambassadors!