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Ryan Ferland - October 17, 2019

Top 5 Plants for Low Light

One of the most common inquiries we see is "I have little to no natural light in my space. What plants can I get that will survive?". This is a totally valid question - nothing is worse than wanting to green up your low light space and not knowing where to start. Here is a list of a few plants to get you going.


These beauties are an easy-care, trailing plant, and one of my absolute favourites. Not only will they do well in a north-facing window, but they'll also quickly green up your space with their full, beautiful foliage. Pothos also comes in several varieties - Golden and Marble Queen are the ones frequently stocked at Parkway. Be sure to let it dry out between waterings to ensure a thriving plant!

Marble Queen Pothos shown in above image.

Spider Plant

Spider plants are the gift that keeps on giving! These sweet, leafy, low maintenance plants will give you beautiful foliage in your low light corners. They can also send off shoots and provide you with plantlets. You can prune these babies off the main plant and use to propagate new spider plants! 

Snake Plant or Sansevieria

Snake plants have to be one of the easiest, most resilient indoor plants you can get. These beauties do well in any light level, and are great for spaces with minimal light. They are incredibly low maintenance - they thrive on neglect! They're tough foliage make them a great kid-friendly option as well. Snake plants will also provide you with babies you can eventually divide and re-pot for new plants!

Snake plants come in several different forms. From floor models to accents for your shelf, they've got you covered with all different shapes, colours, and sizes!

Dumb Cane or Dieffenbachia

We love dieffenbachia for their showy, speckled foliage. These beauties will tolerate lower light levels, making it a great option for low light areas. Ensure you water your dieffenbachia on a regular schedule - they do not like to be left too wet or too dry for periods of time - and adjust watering according to the season. Take advantage of the texture and drama of the foliage and spruce up your corners with this lovely tropical!

DID YOU KNOW? Dieffenbachia loves humidity, making them the perfect plant for your bathroom!

Peace Lily

This lush beauty will thrive in almost all light levels. Peace lilies require a fair amount of water, but it will certainly let you know when it's thirsty! They can grow to be quite bushy, making them a great candidate for a floor plant! They provide a beautiful white flower for those looking for something beyond foliage. Peace lilies are low maintenance and great for cleaning your air!

This list is a great place to start if you are just starting your journey with indoor plants, or if you're looking to green up your space. Growing success is unique to each individual, and can vary based on many factors. Always monitor your plants for signs of over or under watering, too much light, too little light, or pests. If you ever have any questions, take pictures of your plants and send them to or visit us in store!