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Rose Verhoeve - October 31, 2021

Easy Houseplants for the Heavy Waterers

Before we begin, the term “overwatering” refers to how often you water, not by how much you water. The plants listed below are plants that prefer to be kept moist. So they’d be better suited to someone who tends to water more frequently. Although, this doesn’t mean that these plants are indestructible and can’t be killed. You still have to check the soil and make sure it’s not sitting in soggy soil 24/7. 

There are many websites and videos surrounding the idea of houseplants that can tolerate low light and those that can be forgotten about more often than others. Usually these types of plants are catered towards people who are light waterers. Well what about those who are heavy waterers? Below are some examples of plants that would be more suited to those who water more frequently.


Boston Fern shown above

Ferns love for their soil to be kept moist. So this plant is perfect for those who tend to water more frequently. They are also a great plant for people who don't have much light in their home. Naturally, ferns are in shady forests, sheltered from the Sun, and in moist soil. 


Calathea roseopicta shown above

Calathea is a beautiful genus of plant that has many different varieties. In nature, they are found on the floors of jungles and forests where they get minimal light. As a houseplant they like the soil to be damp but not soggy. As for lighting, they require medium to bright indirect light. Any sunlight directly on the leaves can cause them to burn. This plant is a sucker for a humid environment and will do poorly without it. 

Peace Lilies

Peace Lily shown above

Peace Lilies are a staple for any office or home with its vibrant white flowers. They are also well known for their versatility as they are able to handle most light conditions. In nature, they are found in the shade of larger trees so they receive minimal lighting. As a houseplant they are water hogs and will let you know when they are thirsty by drooping its leaves. 


Begonia Rex Hybrid shown above

Begonias are some of the most neat, colourful, striking plants out there (at least I think so). They come in a variety of different colours, patterns, growth habits, and sizes. Begonias are relatively easy to care for as they prefer medium to bright indirect light and they like their soil to be consistently moist. They also love humidity.

Rex Begonias, the ones pictured above, are one of the more popular varieties. They are incredibly vibrant and have fuzzy leaves, and some are even iridescent. 


Alocasia 'Polly' shown above

Alocasias are native to Asia and Australia where they live on the  floor of tropical rainforests and don't receive direct sunlight. As a houseplant, they will do best in medium to bright indirect light, with moderatley moist soil, and high humidity. Some Alocasias are vey large with gigantic, show-stopping leaves while others, like the Alocasia "Polly", "Silver Dragon" or "Zebrina", are much smaller and better suited for year round indoor plants. 

Overwatering is the leading cause of houseplant death. So although these plants are listed as "Easy plants for the heavy waterers", they can still perish. It's important to check the soil before watering and to not follow a watering schedule. A rule of thumb for the plants listed above is to water when the top inch of soil is dry. 

Parkway Garden Centre has one of the biggest houseplant selections in London Ontario, so if you fall under the category of "Heavy Waterer", or if you think you'd like to add these plants to your collection, come stop by! If you have any questions, send us an email at or visit us in store!