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Ryan Ferland - October 23, 2019

Air Plant Care

Air plants are one of the sweetest, most adorable additions you can have in your indoor plant collection. I love the different shapes and sizes they come in, their furry little foliage, and the beautiful display they create when they flower. Air plants are found anywhere from the mountains and forests of Mexico, to the Caribbean and Argentina. They also don't need soil to grow. Yes, you read that right! Air plants use their teeny tiny roots to grow on telephone poles, trees - just about anywhere they can grab on to in their native habitat. So without soil, how do they get their nutrients? They absorb them through their leaves, which is why proper care is crucial to the success of air plants!

So how exactly does one take care of their new air plant friend? Here are a few tips to keep your air plant thriving in its new home.

1. Mist frequently.  Air plants love a nice, thorough misting. Because their native habitats are so humid, it's important to mimic this environment as closely as you can when caring for your air plant. Give your air plants a good misting 3-4 times a week, and allow it to dry out completely before placing it back in its now home. Ensure there's no water pooling in the bottom of the air plant to avoid mold or rot. You can hang them upside down to dry to prevent this! You may have to adjust your misting habits depending on your space - if the tips of the air plant turn brown and curl, it could be too dry. If it looks soggy, it could be too wet. Monitor the changes in your air plant and adjust accordingly!

Did you know? If the environment you're keeping your air plant is drier (like in the winter time!)  you'll have to mist more frequently.

Your mister doesn't have to be fancy - any old mister will do the trick! I personally like to use the glass mister because I like the aesthetic of it. If you have a lot of misting to do, a more standard style of mister might be a better choice.

2. Dunk occasionally. It is definitely beneficial to submerge your air plant once a week. This will help keep your air plant hydrated, and reach those nooks and crannies that the misting couldn't get to! Submerge for 30 minutes and allow to dry upside down or sideways to avoid pooling water.

3. Place in bright indirect light. Your air plants will thrive if you keep them in a warm spot with bright, indirect light. They prefer bright light as opposed to hot direct sunlight, which can cause them to dry out quickly. If your the tips of your air plants start to turn brown, it could mean the light is too bright or hot. Give your air plant several hours of bright light per day, but watch out for those direct rays of sunshine!

4. Have fun with your displays! You certainly have a bit more freedom when displaying your air plants, because you don't have pots or soil to worry about! Have fun with it - put them on shelves, hang them in glass containers, create a fun display with rope and wood or old toys!

If you have questions about your new air plants, take a picture and send it to us at, or visit us in store!