Scotts Grub BGon Max

Scotts Grub BGon Max

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1.4 kg Bag

A grub is the larvae of a beetle species, such as the masked chafer, European chafer, or Japanese beetle

Typical lawn grubs are white, and C-shaped 

Grubs feed on grass roots and organic matter in the soil, resulting in turf damage 

The grub lifecycle consists of 4 stages: Egg, Larva, Pupa and Adult

Grubs feed on the roots of turf and landscape 

Turf becomes thin and patchy, as roots become weak 

Scavenger animals (such as raccoons and skunks) dig up turf to feed on the grubs– leaving holes or patches torn out

Scotts Grub BGon Max is effective based on the following:

Controls a number of beetle grubs, preventing damage to turf

Specific grub pests include: Asiatic garden beetle, Black turfgrass ataenius, European chafer, Green June beetle, Japanese beetle, May or June beetles, Northern masked chafer, Oriental beetle, Southern masked chafer, Annual bluegrass weevil larvae

No refrigeration required