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Greenhouse Worker Cash Desk (Seasonal) APPLY NOW

1473 Gainsborough Rd. London, Ontario

Job Description                                         

Job Title: Greenhouse Worker (Cash Desk)

Department: Retail

Reporting To: Head Cashier

Job Purpose: The Greenhouse worker (Cash Desk) assists customers to Parkway Garden Centre with their purchases and also acts as one of the first points of contact upon them entering. The Greenhouse worker (Cash Desk) will also maintain our displays through plant maintenance and care.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Take payments at till
  2. Process Returns and requests for assistance
  3. Answering questions from customers in person or by phone
  4. Keep product displays organized
  5. Ensure accurate transaction records at till
  6. Maintain products by watering and trimming as required
  7. Categorize products and organize them appropriately
  8. Maintain an appropriate level of cleanliness at their work station
  9. Complete other tasks assigned to them by management
  10. Greenhouse tasks such as watering and plant maintenance.

The Cashier/Greenhouse worker will be required to work under the direction of management, however they will also have to work under their own initiative as well. Communication with various internal departments and customers is key to being successful in this position. This job will also require a tolerance to heat due to the greenhouse setting.

Skills and Requirements

  1. Available to work on a part time AND full time basis
  2. Strong interpersonal skills
  3. Basic arithmetic
  4. Strong work ethic
  5. A positive attitude

Hours of Work

The position will run 5 days a week and run from late April-June. During the months of May and June employees will be required to work 6 days. The hours of the position will fall between our business hours of 9am until 8pm, though are subject to change. The successful candidate will need to be available to work any days of the week.


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