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Making Christmas Last!

Posted on December 08 2020

Making Christmas Last!
 So you've made your own winter arrangement (congrats!) or purchased one that caught your eye.

Now how do you keep it looking fantastic through to the new year?

Here at Parkway, we treat all of our outdoor arrangements and urns with Wiltpruf.



Wiltpruf, made from pine oil is an anti-transpirant, which helps prevent water from evaporating off of the leaves.  


  Home Care                                                                                    

  Once you get your arrangement home make sure it is well watered. We fill our pots will soil and water-absorbing Oasis foam. These both will help trap water that your greens can absorb to stay their freshest! 



We recommend watering your arrangement until water runs out the bottom every three days or so, especially in milder weather. Once the base of your arrangement freezes solid you can stop watering, but you should give it another drink if the weather warms up. We have many customers say that their arrangements last until April!


Cut greens such as wreaths, garlands and swags can also be sprayed with Wiltpruf. Since they are not potted you should consider misting them occasionally with water.

Greens do best in a cool environment so misting is especially important if you wish to keep them in a warm, dry home. For indoor greens, we recommend not purchasing them too early as they do not last as long in the heat and likely you'll want them looking their best for the 25th. 



Fresh-Cut Trees 

Parkway's fresh-cut Christmas trees are grown and harvested nearby. Always ensure that your trees will take up water by asking us for a freshly cut base and getting it into water within two hours.


 If not, we recommend making the fresh-cut yourself just before setting up your tree.



With these tips, your Christmas trees and greens should stay fresh as long as possible!