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Come and join us for Cactus and Succulent Days!  

This Weekend Sat Aug 5 and Sun Aug 6 

Enjoy 25% off all Cactus and Succulents 

Attend one of our Succulent Dish Garden Workshops and learn how to plant and care for Succulents.

Workshop times are Sat Aug 5 at 11 am and Sun Aug 6 at 2 pm

Cost is $30.00 and includes all plants and materials.  No registration is required.




Seasonal Plant Concerns


Plants and Wet Weather 

With all the rainfall of late, some gardeners are experiencing difficulty keeping their containers looking lovely.  It is a good idea to check that pots and containers are draining completely and not sitting in excess water in trays.  Drainage holes can sometimes become plugged with soggy soil.  Too much water results in root rot as the plant never has a chance to dry out.  Try moving pots under an overhang or porch, or tip pots on to their side to drain off excess water.  Trim off any rotting leaves or broken stems to encourage air circulation.  Continue to monitor your containers and as the summer warms up you should see new growth again fairly quickly.  If you had hail damage, don't cut back plants too much as they need their foliage to photosynthesize.  One third is a good guideline.  Regrowth will start almost immediately so just be patient!





In our ongoing segment of seasonal plant concerns we will be highlighting outdoor pests that have started to show up in our gardens this summer.  Due to the lack of a cold winter a lot of pests that would normally die because of the cold are thriving.  Pictured above is an example of boxwood leafminer, the pest is a small orange worm that overwinters inside the leaf of the boxwood, eats away the inside and then emerges and turns into a flying insect thus laying their eggs again and repeating the cycle.  As with any plant a healthier boxwood has a better chance of surviving an outbreak, fertilizing and proper winter protection is the best way to keep the plant happy. However if you do happen to have an infestation the best method of control is to prune the foliage before adults emerge or right after adult flies lay their eggs in May. This reduces the overall population of the leafminer. Pinch leaves hard enough to kill maggots in the infested leaves when practical.

We have been hearing from many gardeners that they are seening brown, black or white spots on the leaves of outdoor plants and vegetables.  This is not insect or animal damage.  These spots are a result of a fungal infection, which while not usually fatal can make plants look unsightly.  Control can be obtained by applying a good garden fungicide such as Safers, or copper/sulphur powders such as Bordo.  Follow label directions and be sure to re apply, especially after new rainfall.  Ventilation is helpful so temporarily moving containers to a breezier location with more sun is a good idea.  Usually as the summer days dry up we see less of this problem.  If you are still in doubt feel free to bring in a sample leaf of your plant and our staff will assist you in choosing the correct product.  


June is Perennial Gardening month!

We grow and bring in hundreds of varieties of Perennials for all types of gardens.  Come in for a visit and see our impressive display of Hostas, Ornamental grasses, Vines and Perennials for Sun and Shade.



We welcome a new visitor to Parkway Garden Centre. Street Boutique Fashion Truck will be parking on our property. A gorgeous selection of Women's fashion. Check out their link or better yet, come in for a visit!




This is an interesting link regarding Peat harvesting and restorative practises by Fafard.  We purchase our Peat products, which are included in our custom Potting soil mixes from Fafard.  As with any industry that wants to be environmental and sustainable there are steps needed to achieve that.  



We have a new shipment of Tropicals in for all different light levels.  When purchasing a Tropical plant for your home there are a few different things to consider.  First, will the plant receive adequate light from a natural source like a window or sliding door?  South or west facing  are the brightest.  There are plants that will adapt to lower light levels.  Watering requirements will depend on where the plant is placed in your home.  Why not consider trying a tropical in a mixed outdoor container.  Come in and see our great selection.  We're open all year!

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Locally Hand crafted Bird Houses

Seniors day is every Tuesday. If you are 65 years young or more, you will qualify for a discount on your purchase!

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Bonsai ....  The art of gardening.

Air plants
Air Plants are great low maintenance plants!

Loose Tea

We have an exciting line of Exotic Teas! With Flavours such as "Red Velvet Party, Let's Chai, Mango Tango and many more. They smell wonderful and the taste is sure to be the same.  Next time you're in the neighbourhood, stop in for some Tea :)

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Tropical Begonias
Funky, Tropical Begonias – great housplants!

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Great Selection of Cactus and Succulents

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Great selection of Tropicals. Choose from plants for all different light levels!

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